Single Frequency CW DPSS 532 nm Laser BRaMMS-Duetto-532

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Single Frequency CW DPSS 532 nm Laser BRaMMS-Duetto-532

Single Frequency CW DPSS 532 nm Duetto-532 diode pumped solid state lasers have been developed to meet the highest requirements in OEM applications. The characteristics of the laser output beam is optimized for high performance, excellent mode quality, excellent long-term stability, excellent directional stability and a long service life. With a linewidth <0.5MHz the laser is ideal for applications that require high coherence length and spectral stability.

Wavelength, nm 532
Beam divergence, mrad <1, diffraction limited
Beam Pointing Stability, μrad/°C ≤ 5
Longitudinal Mode Structure SLM
Line Width, MHz < 0.5
Line Spectral Position Stability, MHz (pm) +/- 50 (+/-0.2) within 4 hrs of CW operation
Coherence Length, m > 100
Mode Hops Free Fine Tuning Range, GHz 25 – 30 (optional)
Polarization Linear, Vertical; ≥100:1
Output Power Noise, % ≤ 0.1rms, ≤ 1p-p (10Hz – 10MHz)
Output Power Stability, % ≤2, within any 4 hours of CW operation
Working Temperatures, °C 15 – 35, conductive cooling via mounting interface
Storage Temperatures, °C -20 to 75
Humidity, % 5 -95, non-condensing
Operating Voltage, VAC 90 to 240
Frequency, Hz 50-60


The patented BRaMMS technology provides new wavelengths previously unattainable by CW single frequency DPSS lasers in UV, visible and near IR. It utilizes the spectrum discriminatory feature of a Michelson interferometer setup within a spectral range preselected by Volume Bragg Grating. This suppresses all but one lasing longitudinal mode within a laser cavity, hence – Bragg Range Michelson Mode Selector (BRaMMS).
Due to significantly lower power consumption for any required output and the resulting simplified thermal management, the BRaMMS laser technology provides up to 10 times wider range of output power scalability from the smallest footprint.
This technology allows any wavelength within the spectrum range from IR (around 2000 nm) through deep UV (<200 nm) operating in the CW Single Frequency regime.
All of this provides an unprecedented range of application, from holographic art to large scale structural analysis, from pharmaceutical instrumentation to cuttin gedge particle trapping techniques, from semiconductor wafer micro - processing to wind turbine power generation and avionic technologies and many many more.

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  • from 50mW to 2W output power at 532 nm SLM
  • feedback locked Single Longitudinal Mode CW operation
  • mode hops and lock loss free
  • very low noise performance, < 0.1% rms
  • excellent beam quality from smallest footprint
  • lowest power consumption for given output
  • Holography
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Vibrometry
  • NDT and metrology, PIV etc
  • Bio-fluorescence




  • Holography
  • Ti:Sapphire pumping
  • Vibrometry
  • Particle scattering
Name Output power, mWOutput Beam Diameter, TEM00, mmWarm up time, minPower Consumption, W Price Request

BRaMMs Duetto 532-0050

500.8<10<20 Request a quote

BRaMMs Duetto 532-0100

1000.8<10<20 Request a quote

BRaMMs Duetto 532-0200

2000.8<10<20 Request a quote

BRaMMs Duetto 532-0500

5001.0<15<60 Request a quote

BRaMMs Duetto 532-1000

10001.0<15<60 Request a quote

BRaMMs Duetto 532-2000

20001.0<15<60 Request a quote