Rhomboid Prisms

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Rhomboid Prisms
Rhomboid prisms displace the incident beam without angular deviation or orientation changes in the image.
Angular Deviation, arcsec ± 5arcsec
Beam Deviation ± 30arcsec
Coatings Available on request
Dimension Tolerances, mm ± 0.1mm
Material BK7, UVFS, TF10, IRFS, FS
Surface Flatness < λ/4 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality, S-D 40/20 S/D


In imaging applications, they will displace the optical centerline without inverting the image. The lateral displacement is equal to the length of the prism ("A" dimension). High tolerance angles keep the output beam parallel to the input beam, making our rhomboid prisms ideal for demanding displacement applications.
  • High surface quality and flatness
  • Precisely cut at Brewster's angle
  • Minimal Fresnel losses