3-TS-1-0620 - Ti:Sapphire Brewster cut Laser Crystal, 20 mm length, Ø6 aperture, uncoated

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3-TS-1-0620 - Ti:Sapphire Brewster cut Laser Crystal, 20 mm length, Ø6 aperture, uncoated

Titanium doped Sapphire (Al2O3:Ti3+) is a popular crystal, used for making ultra short pulse solid-state or wavelength tunable lasers. These crystals combine supreme thermal and optical properties with broadest lasing range among other materials. Its indefinite stability and short lifetime, in addition to lasing over entire band of 660 to 1050 nm makes Ti:sapphire lasers suitable for variety of applications spanning from material processing to time resolved and multi-photon spectroscopy.

Aperture Dimensions, mm Ø6
AR coatings none
Coatings uncoated
End surfaces Brewster cut
Figure of Merit ( FOM) >180
Length, mm 20
Material Ti:Sapphire
Delivery 2-4 weeks


Recent studies have showed that diode pumping using a blue diode (445 nm) can also be used for making Ti:Sapphire oscillators. That is expected to raise the next generation of Ti:Sapphire lasers.

Laserand offers Ti:Sapphire crystals precisely cut from a boule of large monocrystal. The crystal is grown using the Czochralski method, which includes steps of:
● melting of Al2O3 material with low concentration of Titanium;
● inserting a seed crystal to the melt;
● pulling the crystal out of the melt in highly controlled environment;
● cooling down the boule in a strict thermal regime;
● annealing the boule under strongly reducing atmosphere in order to achieve good balance between Ti3+ and Ti4+ ions. That is how the Figure of Merit (FOM) is achieved 150 or more

● Ultra-short pulse lasers
● High repetition rate oscillators
● Chirped-pulse laser amplifiers
● Multi-pass amplifiers
● Wavelength tunable CW lasers
● Pulsed X-ray generation

Download Ti:Sapphire white paper.

  • Large gain-bandwidth
  • Very large emission bandwidth
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Short upper-state lifetime (3.2 μs)
  • High saturation power
  • Relatively high laser cross-sections
  • High damage threshold
  • Strong Kerr effect