GRIN Lenses

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GRIN Lenses
Gradient Index (GRIN) lenses for fiber coupling and beam shaping.
Angle Surface Tolerance ±2.5°
Centration, arcmin <3 arcmin
Diameter, mm 1.8
Diameter Tolerance, mm +0.005/-0.010mm
Effective Diameter, mm >70%
Material Oxide Glass
Numerical Aperture 0.46
Protective chamfers <0.25 mm x 45 deg
Surface Figure <λ/4@632.8 nm
Surface Quality, S-D 20/10
Thickness Tolerance, % ± 2.5%
Working Distance Tolerance, mm ± 0.01 mm


Gradient Index (GRIN) lenses have a radially varying index of refraction and that causes an optical ray to follow a sinusoidal propagation path through the lens. Carefully designing the lenses for specific working distances GRIN lenses are easy to handle and integrate into optical systems. Typical applications include coupling the output of diode lasers into fibers, focusing laser light onto a detector, or collimating laser light.

Laserand offers 0.25 and 0.23 pitch GRIN lenses. 0.25 pitch lenses have 0 mm working distance and are best suited for beam colimation of optical fibers or laser diodes. Where the lenses can't be directly contacted best option would be 0.23 pitch GRIN lenses, they have small working distance and are mainly used for focusing purpose. To reduce back reflections Laserand offers lenses with one 8° wedged face and broad band antireflection coating. 

If required GRIN lens is not in the list of standard items, please submit request form for the lens you need.
  • Ideal for beam collimation or focusing
  • Laser to fiber coupling
  • Fiber to fiber coupling
  • Fiber to detector coupling
  • Angled end surface reduces back reflections
  • BBAR coating
  • Custom GRIN lenses by request
Name CoatingsDesign Wavelength, nm Face AngleLength, mm Working Distance, mm Price Request


uncoated13104.380.24 Request a quote


uncoated15504.430.24 Request a quote


uncoated6304.250.24 Request a quote


uncoated8304.350.24 Request a quote


BBAR(R<0.25%)@1310 ± 30 nm13104.380.24 Request a quote


BBAR(R<0.25%)@1550 ± 30 nm15504.430.24 Request a quote


BBAR(R<0.25%)@830 ± 30 nm8304.350.24 Request a quote


uncoated13104.760.00 Request a quote


uncoated15504.780.00 Request a quote


uncoated6304.630.00 Request a quote


uncoated8304.730.00 Request a quote