Smallest deep UV laser

News from our Scottish supplier of Single Frequency CW DPSS lasers.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: UniKLasers is launching a brand new Quartetto-266 – Continuous Wave Single Frequency DPSS laser

 - emitting 266nm deep Ultra-Violet light
 - extremely low noise figure
 - excellent beam quality
 - smallest footprint on the market for output powers from 100s mW to W range

Quartetto-266 will enable long demanded, but previously unattainable applications in areas from renewable energy technologies, avionics to Semicon metrology and more.
Benefits of our Single Frequency DPSS lasers:

 - free from mode hops during stable non-stop operation over 100s of hours
 - extremely low noise
 - >100m coherence length
 - 5x-10x higher conversion efficiency
 - low power consumption
 - compact and small

About UniKLasers: founded in 2013 to deliver ultra-efficient CW Single Frequency DPSS lasers. Based in Edinburgh, UK. Ability to supply anything from single unit to substantial OEM contracts and customized solutions. UniKLasers is growing rapidly to meet market demand by currently expanding its team and production facilities.

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