BORA High Precision Positioning Hexapods

BORA High Precision Positioning Hexapods


BORA hexapod is a compact 6DOF parallel kinematics system for the positioning and adjustment of precision elements with a resolution of 0.1 µm.


BORA Datasheet

BORA 3D Step (zip)

BORA 3D view (PDF)

Travel range ± 20 mm / ± 15 °
Resolution 0.05 µm / 1 µrad
Repeatability ± 0.15 µm / ± 2 µrad
Payload 10 kg vertical / 5 kg horizontal


BORA hexapod meets the most demanding criteria of the optics and nanotechnologies in terms of resolution, accuracy, stability and size.

Its dimensions allows an integration in a small invironment, for instance at the tip of a goniometer for an application on synchrotron beamline, or on an optical ground support equipment to align and calibrate space optics.

BORA hexapod can be used in any orientation: vertical, horizontal, upside down…

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► High vacuum compatibility down to 10-6 mbar

► Clean room compatibility


► Instrumentation

► Optics

► Test laboratories

► Aeronautics and spatial

► Metrology

► Semiconductors

► Synchrotrons: sample, KB mirrors positioning



Travel range Tx, Ty (mm) ± 20
Travel range Tz (mm) ± 10
Travel range Rx, Ry (deg) ± 10
Travel range Rz (deg) ± 15
Resolution Tx, Ty, Tz (nm) 0.05
Resolution Rx, Ry, Rz (μrad) 1
Repeatability Tx, Ty (μm) ± 0.15
Repeatability Tz (μm) ± 0.15
Repeatability Rx, Ry, Rz (μrad) ± 2
Speed (mm/s; deg/s) 2; 2
Stiffness X, Y (N/μm) 1
Stiffness Z (N/μm) 10
Payload capacity (kg) 10 (vertical orientation)
5 (horizontal orientation)
Motor type DC motor, gearhead
Operating temperature range (°C) 0 to + 50
Materials Aluminum, steel, stainless steel
Size mobile platform (mm) Ø160
Central aperture (mm) Ø43 for mobile platform
Ø36 for fixed platform
Height in middle position (mm) 145
Weight (kg) 4.3
Cable length (m) 3
Options Clean room compatibility
Low temperature compatibility down to -40°C
Vacuum compatibility
Controller type ALPHA
Interface Ethernet, USB
Power supply 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
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