Tm:YLF Crystals

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Tm:YLF Crystals
Tm:YLF single crystal rods are designed to be applied in solid-state lasers which are widely used for industrial, medical and scientific applications.
Clear Aperture, % 95%
Dopand Concentration Tolerance +/-0.1%
Laser Damage Threshold, J/cm² over 15J/cm2 TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz
Parallelism, arcsec <10 arcsec
Perpendicularity, arcmin < 5 arcmin
Surface Flatness λ/10 @ 633nm
Surface Quality, S-D 10 - 5 scratch & dig
Wavefront Distortion < 7mm diameter: λ/10 @ 633nm; >/=7mm diameter: λ/8 @ 633nm


Pure YLF crystals are transparent within the spectrum band of 0.12 - 7.5 µm, photo-, thermo- and adiation-resistant. The YLF crystals has low  non-linear refraction index value and thermo optical constants, which makes theses crystals applicable in research, development, education, production, photonics, optic, laser technology and telecommunications.
  • Improves beam shape and quality
  • Variable/locally defined reflection
  • Highest available central reflection value Rr(max) = 50%
  • Custom design (substrate shape, wedge, AR coating) available
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