Right-Angle Prism-Retroreflectors

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Right-Angle Prism-Retroreflectors

Clear Aperture, % >80%
90 deg Angle Tolerance, arcmin ±2 (general type); ±0.12 (precision type)
Dimension Tolerances, mm +0/-0,2
Protective chamfers <0,25 mm x 45 deg
Pyramidal tolerance, arcmin ±1 (general type); ±0.5 (precision type)
Surface Flatness λ/4 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality, S-D 40/20 S/D


Right-angle prisms - retroreflectors are often preferable to an inclined mirror in applications involving severe acoustic or inertial loads, because they are easier to mount, and deform much less than mirror in response to external mechanical stress. As long as acceptance angle limitations for TIR from the roof faces are not exceeded, the right angle prisms are working as a retro reflector, turning beams back to the original direction.
  • Working as internal or external reflectors or as retro-reflectors
  • Custom design production is also available
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