High Performance Lyot Depolarizers

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High Performance Lyot Depolarizers
High performance Lyot depolarizer produces depolarization of linearly polarized light over all operating wavelength range.
Damage Threshold, J/cm² >3J/cm2 (1064nm, 10ns)
Operating Wavelength Range, nm 220-2600nm
Parallelism error, arcmin < 1arcmin
Surface Flatness < λ/8
Surface Quality, S-D 40/20 S/D


High performance Lyot depolarizer consists of two quartz crystal wedges with their optic axes lying in the plane of the plates, and aligned at 45° with each other. One plate of the two quartz wedge is exactly twice the thickness of the other. The result is when a variable retardation plate is over the aperture, which produces depolarization for all wavelengths. Moreover, two plates are optically contacred thus depolarizer is capable to handle high energy laser pulses as well. High performance Lyot depolarizer is also effective with monochromatic light.
  • Achromatic Retarders
  • Beam deviation 10arcsec
  • Anti-reflection coated
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