GaSe Crystals

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GaSe Crystals
Wide transmission region from 650 nm to 18000 nm


GaSe has been successfully used for:
  • efficient SHG of CO 2 laser (up to 9% conversion);
  • for SHG of pulsed CO, CO2 and chemical DF-laser (l = 2.36 mkm) radiation;
  • upconversion of CO and CO2 laser radiation into the visible range; infrared pulses generation via difference frequency mixing of Neodymium and infrared dye laser or (F-)-centre laser pulses;
  • OPG light generation within 3.5 - 18 mkm.
It is impossibile to cut crystals for certain phase matching angles because of material structure (cleave along (001) plane) limiting areas of applications.

Why GaSe geometry is special?
  • Efficient generation of second harmonics of laser radiation 10,6 microns
  • Suitable for DFG from middle infrared regions up to 17 microns
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