Double Convex Axicon (Conical lens)

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Double Convex Axicon (Conical lens)
Laserand offers Double Convex Axicons of various dimensions and Apex angles.
Material BK7, UVFS
Diameter Tolerance, mm +0.0, -0.15 mm
Edge Thickness, mm 9 mm
Apex Angle, deg 90
Clear Aperture, mm >90%
Surface Quality, S-D 40/20 S/D
Apex Angle Tolerance, arcmin +/-0.5
Thickness Tolerance, mm ±0.1 mm
Design Wavelength, nm 632.8 nm


Double convex axicons are available in variety of dimensions and apex angles. Double convex axicons are optical components with a convex conical surface in combination with a convex spherical surface. Such combination focuses laser light into a ring shaped beam with annular focus. Different combinations of focal length and apex angles are available.
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