CaCO3 - Calcite

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CaCO3 - Calcite
Calcite is well known material for polarization optics.
Dimension Tolerances, mm +0/-0.05
Flatness L/4 @ 632.8 nm
Parallelism, arcsec <15 arc seconds
Perpendicularity, arcmin <10 arc minutes
Surface Quality, S-D 20-10 S/D


Due to structural anisotropy it has two refractive indices. So it divides an entering beam of monochromatic light into two beam having opposite polarization. This phenomenon is used to build polarization components. As the difference in the two refractive indices is very large calcite has become the most popular crystal in polarization applications.
  • High radiation hardness
  • High scintillation efficiency
  • Good energy resolution
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