Achromatic Fresnel Rhomb Retarders

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Achromatic Fresnel Rhomb Retarders
Available wavelength ranges:
UV: 260 - 400 nm
VIS: 400 - 700 nm
NIR 1: 700 - 1300 nm
NIR 2: 1300 - 1600 nm

Beam Deviation ≤ 10arcsec
Clear Aperture, mm 10 mm
Coatings AR coating
Material BK7 or UVFS


We supply both mounted and unmounted versions of Fresnel Rhombs . Fresnel Rhombs are made of BK7 crown glass or UV grade fused silica. A Single Fresnel Rhomb produces a phase shift of 90 (λ/4) as a result of total internal reflection from two surfaces. A Double Fresnel Rhomb produces a phase shift of 180 (λ/2) between the components of light polarized perpendicular and parallel to the plane of incidence. It consists of two cemented single (λ/4) Fresnel Rhombs. The retardation varies only slightly over a relatively wide range of wavelengths. Fresnel Rhombs mounts are cylindrical in shape. Small (end) faces of a Fresnel retarder are adjusted orthogonally to the axis of rotation. Polarizer holder having M27x1 aperture can be used for mounting the Fresnel Rhomb.
  • Achromatic Retarders
  • Beam deviation 10arcsec
  • Anti-reflection coated


Retardation  wavelenght range, nm  L, mm  l, mm
single (λ/4)  700-1300   39.5   23.5
single (λ/4)  1300-1600   39.5   23.5
single (λ/4)  260-400   33.5   17.5
single (λ/4)  400-700   39.5   23.5
double (λ/2)  700-1300   62   46
double (λ/2)  1300-1600   62   46
double (λ/2)  260-400   50   34
double (λ/2)  400-700   62   46
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