DL CW IR laser, 1550 nm

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DL CW IR laser, 1550 nm
DPSS-IR is solid-state, continuous wave, temperature stabilized, lasers that deliver 1550 nm IR output.
Expected lifetime 10 000 hours
Operating longitudinal mode Several
Point Stability < 0.05 mrad
Polarization ratio > 50:1
Wavelength, nm 1550 nm


Diode infrared lasers at 1550nm are used in measurement, communication, spectroscopy, and medical applications. The wavelength is in “eye-safe” spectrum region which makes the laser far less dangerous than e.g. 1-μm lasers with similar output powers. Diode laser at 1550 can be used as budgetary substitute for Erbium lasers. Power levels range from 50 mW to 3 W.

• Scientific experiment
• Measurement
• Optical Instrument
• Optical sensor
• Communication
• Spectrum analysis

  • Up to 2000 mW
  • No additional cooling
  • Low cost
  • Can be used as OEM module
Name Beam divergence, mradBeam diameter at aperture, mmM2 factorNoise of amplitude, rmsOutput power, mWPower stability, rms, over 4 hoursTransverse modeWarranty Price Request


<3.0~ 5 x 8<20<30%100<5%Near TEM00One year Request a quote


<3.0~ 5 x 8<20<1%100<3%Near TEM00One year Request a quote


<3.0~ 5 x 8<20<30%500<5%Near TEM00One year Request a quote


<3.0~ 5 x 8<20<1%500<3%Near TEM00One year Request a quote


<3.0~ 5 x 8<20<30%1000<5%Near TEM00One year Request a quote


<3.0~ 5 x 8<20<30%2000<5%Near TEM00One year Request a quote