Compact Fiber Optic Spectrometer

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Compact Fiber Optic Spectrometer

KESHET-PHOTON series offers a wide range of compact fiber based spectrometers for low intensity signals / source characterization. Simple and intuitive user interface, plug&play and compact package make the KESHET-PHOTON spectrometer a simple and cost-effective solution for spectroscopy systems.

Wavelength Range, nm 380 – 1050
A/D conversion 16 bit
Integration time 1 ms – 30 sec
Order sorting filter High quality
Output connector SMA905
Device dimensions 100x95x54 mm
Interface USB 3
Power supply USB
GUI + SDK included


KESHET-PHOTON series comprises UV-VIS-NIR compact fiber spectrometers for low intensity signals / source characterization. Each product includes full viewer and SW development kit (SDK) which makes KESHET-PHOTON an easy device for integration with external systems. The KESHET-PHOTON can be used in various setups including transmission, absorptive and reflection measurements. Check out accessory page for further information.


  • Wavelength range: 380-1050nm
  • Spectral resolution: 0.05-0.4nm
  • A/D conversion: 16bit
  • FWHM: 0.4-1.5nm
  • Order sorting filter: included (all models), high quality
  • Interface: USB3

KESHET-PHOTON products are fiber based (SMA connector) spectrometers which can be plugged into any optic fiber setup. We offer off-the-shelf optical fiber to connect the KESHET-PHOTON into your setup. The KESHET-PHOTON spectrometer does not require an additional power supply, it is USB powered. Once the KESHET-PHOTON spectrometer is connected by a USB cable to your computer, run the viewer app (after installation) and it is ready to use. We offer the integrated setups for light measurements. Check out our accessories for further information.


KESHET-PHOTON spectrometers include a simple and intuitive graphical user interface [GUI]. In addition to the spectrometer, you will receive an installer file (can be also downloaded from our website). Once you installed the program, you can open the app from your desktop shortcut.


The GUI includes all functions required for driving the device:


  • Spectral plot. Spectrum data.
  • Record/play data: capture spectra. Record/play spectrum over time.
  • Export: Excel CSV file, jpeg,
  • Reference mode: record your reference and compare it to other objects.
  • Report generator: PDF report. GUI screenshot.
  • Filters/markers: time boxcar, spectral boxcar, FWHM, center wavelength…


Need to customize your report? Let us know what you need


Name Spectral windowSpectral resolutionSlitBandwidth ( FWHM), nm Price Quantity


full0.4 nm15 μm15


400 nm0.2 nm15 μm0.8


200 nm0.1 nm15 μm0.6


100 nm0.05 nm10 μm0.4